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About Us - Grand Holly Electrical Industries Sdn Bhd

GrandHolly Electrical Industries formerly known as Holly Trading (M) Sdn. Bhd. and Inno Advance Sdn. Bhd. operates efficiently at No.19, Jalan SR 2/5, Taman Serdang Raya, in Seri Kembangan, Selangor.The company produces and supplies top notch electrical products andcomponents such as auto-transformers, power and control transformer,rotor resistance for starters, rectifier and reactors.

Incorporated in 1996, our range of high quality products caters for mostly industrial factories and the appointed authorized dealers, covering market nationwide and overseas markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Brunei.

We have 30 years of experience in manufacturing, grinding through daily trial and error during the early days of our inception, to become who we are today. Call us today to know more about our products and services.

Design and Manufacture

We design and manufacture all type of transformers to suit your particular requirements. We also have facialities to handle large quantity of standard type of step up and step down transformers, ballasts, and custom made transformer.

The raw material and machinery used in our factory are carefully selected for maximum quality and economy in production. The magnet wire used are high quality products approved by JIS, NEMA, and BS. We uses the lastest computerised coil winding machine for transform and resistance coil productions. High grade silicon steel from Japan is used in the transform core. High speed stamping machine and progressive dies are used in the EI lamination production. Special purpose machine are used for quality inspections in the factory.

Our Services

Our company has been in the transformer and motor starter components business for more than ten years. 

Our products include :-

  • Power Transformer - Capacity from 10VA up to 600KVA
  • Auto Transformer - Motor starting applications up to 600KW
  • Resistance Bank - Slip ring motor starter
  • Various Type of Resistance Bank - Customised design resistance bank 
  • Reactor and Inductor - For as a line filter and power factor correction

Harmonic Filter Reactor

The used of current sources inverters and converters is increasing continuosly, causing harmonics that results in additional losses, particular in capacitor for power factor correction systems.

Filtering with Holly harmonic circuit filter reactor provides the following advantages:
  • reduce losses, hence no capacitor overload
  • impedance behaviour of the mains is improved.

Filter Line Reactor / Line Choke

A line reactor is a 3 phase series inductance on the line side of a variable speed drives. Line reactor are available in various values of percent impedance, most typically 3% to 5%. Line reactor offer an economical solution to variety of problems especially in variable speed drive installations. It is applicable to either the input or the output of the drives.

Filtering with Holly line reactor provides the following advantages :
  • To add line impedence 
  • To provide some light buffering against low magnitude line spikes 
  • To reducing harmonics 
  • To compensating for a low inductance motor 
  • To increase the life span of semiconductor

Closed Transition Resistor for Star Delta Starter

For resistor applications used on Star(Wye)- Delta type motors, (Closed Transition) the resistors are connected to the motor winding before the delta contactor is closed.
The resistors are used to avoid the possibility of high inrush current when the winding is momentarily open - circuited when switching from Star (Wye) to Delta Winding configuration on the motor ,therefore providing a smoother acceleration of the motor.
Data Requirement:
  • Line Voltage 
  • Horsepower / Kilowatt
  • Current 

Rotor Resistance Bank

Rotor Resistance Bank are used in slip ring motor where high starting torque and lower starting current are desired. Unlike auto-transforer for motor starter, they are specialised products designed to suit a particular requirements . As such there is no standard items where one can purchased off the shelf.